90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

  • China 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Wholesalers, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Brands
  • China 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Wholesalers, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Brands
  • China 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Wholesalers, 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander Brands
90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander
  • Lechi
  • Dongguan,China

Le Chi's Uniqueness
Converting the traditional vertical barrel type horizontal grinder to conical barrel type grinder, the reflective track of beads inside the grinding barrel is changed, the reciprocating motion ability of grinding beads and the friction and impact ability between beads are strengthened, thus the efficiency of the vertical barrel type grinder is increased by nearly 30%.
Horizontal grinder, which used to be cooled by sand barrel, was strengthened to four-position cooling of grinding barrel (stator), dispersing disc (rotor), front plate and separator, which strengthened the dispersive potential area of grinding machine and effectively improved the cooling and heat dissipation capacity of the machine. The material temperature during grinding could be effectively controlled below 50 C. If used together with water cooler, the grinding heat sensitivity would be improved. When the sensory material is used, the cooling effect is more remarkable.
With the programmed control function of PLC, the working time and requirements of the machine can be monitored in real time in advance, and the site can be instantly understood and controlled in the office by connecting the Ethernet and office computer. The improved rocker arm design enables a person to easily dismantle the machine. When cleaning and repairing the inside of the machine, it is safer and more convenient.
Self-developed double mechanical seals can be cooled by solvents that are compatible with materials (traditional mechanical seals usually need oil to cool), avoiding oil leaking into materials due to natural wear after long-term use of mechanical seals, and causing unnecessary economic losses to users.
Grinding operation
Start the pump and input material to the grinding machine until the material is out of the grinding machine outlet (the pump motor and the main engine are interlocking control, the main engine must be started within 20 seconds, otherwise the pump will stop by itself, and the pump can be started several times, using the grinding chamber to fill the material to prevent the machine from dry grinding).



Check the level of sealing liquid

Check the pressure of the sealed liquid container

Check and empty the liquid in the sealed liquid bottle (located in the seat)


Check whether the electrical control components are working properly (electric contact thermometer, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure switch, emergency stop button, etc.)

Every three months:

Replacement of sealing fluid (if water is used as sealing fluid, it should be replaced once a month)

Pack 2-3 notes of grease (located at the upper part of the bearing seat of the stirring shaft)

Check and adjust belt tension

Outage and cleaning

After checking the product fineness to meet the requirements, prepare to shut down

Bah, inject cleaning solvent into the abrasive cavity to clean the abrasive cavity. The time should not be too long. Because the solvent viscosity is too low, in order to prevent the abrasive cavity from over-grinding, the cleaning time should not exceed 10 minutes each time.

After shutdown, the sealing liquid container must keep pressure to prevent the fine particles remaining in the grinding chamber from entering the mechanical seal and causing damage to the sealing surface.

If long shutdown time is needed, the solvent and grinding medium in the chamber should be discharged for more than a week.

Faults and treatment

Host can't start or stop automatically in operation

Bah Sealing Fluid Level Switch Break-Replenish Sealing Fluid

Bah Air Pressure Switch Opening-Adjusting Air Pressure

Grinding Chamber Pressure Gauge Breaking-Pressure Relief, Lowering Pump Speed, Cleaning Grinding Machine Outlet Gap Separator

Cut-off of outlet thermometer-Increase cooling water flow and decrease cooling water temperature

Bah Host Thermal Protection Shutdown-Reset Thermal Relay and Adjust Load

V-belt too loose-tightening belt

Pump non-suction

Bah Pump Motor Steering Error-Check and Correct

The suction line enters the air - adding solvent from the funnel and discharging the air

Bah, the product in the pipeline is dry and hard - clean the pipeline and pump

Pump outlet three-way valve position error - adjust the three-way valve to be in the conveying position

Excessive mainframe current

Bah, excessive filling of abrasive media - reducing filling

Bah, product viscosity is too high - increase low viscosity liquid

Bah, the flow rate of the feed pump is too large - reduce the pump speed

High consumption of sealing fluid

Bah, too high pressure of sealed liquid vessel - regulating pressure

Bah. Failure of Mechanical Seals - Maintenance and Replacement

Description of mechanical properties and accessories

Material of grinding trough: superhard wear-resistant alloy steel

Main motor adopts explosion-proof type 40HP*380V*50HZ

Transport Pump: Diaphragm Pump (ARO)

Dispersed Leaf Material: Super Hard Wear Resistant Alloy Steel

Separation mode: dynamic gap separation (except 0.3L), using superhard tungsten carbide (adjustable according to customers'requirements or actual requirements)

Accessories: modular manometer 0-4kg/2, thermometer 0-1000C, electric control box button switch, working hour meter, STAR-SELTA contactor, triangular belt (original Japanese version) bearing (original Japanese NICH), spindle (after cold, hot, high-temperature, high-voltage special treatment and external grinding, jump below 0.01mm), explosion-proof electric control box, line through full explosion-proof tube.

frequency control

Oil pressure lifting system, standard stroke, standard dispersing disc, using Taiwan YS oil pump, manual lifting valve using Taiwan YS lifting valve

All motors adopt 50HZ*380V*4P explosion-proof type with rotational speed of 0-1500tr/min.

Attached standard explosion-proof electrical control box with Taiwan safety contactor and explosion-proof button switch

Bearings are designed with internal and axial force separately to prolong service life. Japanese NNICH bearings are adopted.

The number and specifications of belt pulley transmission are calculated according to the "linear speed" and the transmission coefficient is more than 1.2 (Osaka East Triangle Belt, Japan)

Dispersed spindle material is specially treated by cold, hot, high temperature and high pressure and grinded by outer circle. The spindle runs below 0.1mm to ensure good steel quality and durability.

The spindle of hydraulic lift cylinder has excellent wear resistance after special material treatment and surface treatment. It adopts Japanese NOK tank.

Horizontal sander "strike"
To solve this problem, first of all, we need to check whether the power supply of the grinder is working normally, whether the fuse is fused, and whether the tension spring is broken. As long as the "disease" repair work will be very simple, it is nothing more than to switch on the power supply, replace the new fuse, replace the tension spring. If the machine suddenly does not work, then we should...more
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