30L Nano Rod Pin Sander

  • China 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Wholesalers, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Brands
  • China 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Wholesalers, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Brands
  • China 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Wholesalers, 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander Brands
30L Nano Rod Pin Sander
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Horizontal grinder is a kind of ultra-fine particle disperser with horizontal continuous production. Its operation method is to use high-viscosity pumps such as diaphragm pump and gear pump to input pre-dispersed wetted solid-liquid mixture into the grinding tank of the main engine. The grinding tank is filled with appropriate grinding medium, and the grinding medium is given enough kinetic energy by rotating the dispersed blade at high speed. The impact of solid particles in bulk materials produces shear force, which produces more intense collision, friction and shear effects, so as to accelerate the friction of fine particles and disperse the aggregation. It is then separated by a special separator. Separate the dispersed material from the medium and discharge it from the outlet. It is suitable for fine grinding with medium and high viscosity particle size. Such as paint, fuel, pigments, cosmetics, pesticides, electronics, paper and other raw materials dispersion.
As for blades, our equipment has a wide range of grinding material adaptability, according to different materials, we can select and match the material of parts in contact with the product. Such as adding hard steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, silicon carbide, PU materials, polyurethane, etc.
We usually recommend different materials and models (disc/pin/cone) according to the performance of the customer's products, such as water/oil property, product viscosity, color requirement, final desired fineness, temperature sensitivity, color, etc. For water-based blades or polymer blades, solvent-based blades are recommended. Ceramics or CITIC's unique wear-resistant blades can be selected if absolute colorlessness or high purity are required.
When choosing the size of the machine, it should be clear whether the customer produces the products every day/month/year (a few hours per day). The output of the customer refers to whether the color paste is ground (i.e. semi-finished products) or finished products.

Sand mills are usually divided into vertical, horizontal and basket type. With the continuous improvement of product quality, the requirement of superfine grinding materials and pollution-free is also rising. The corresponding matched beads are gradually developing towards high specific gravity and high strength zirconia beads. For example, ZY-80, high purity zirconia beads are used more and more widely, and have become the mainstream development direction of Sanders in the future. The ratio of pearls is large and the grinding efficiency is high, but the material requirement of the grinding machine is also high. Generally, the harder materials such as tungsten steel, zirconia, polyurethane, nylon and other plastics can be selected, and the zirconium pearls prepared by Zui new process, such as ZY-80 zirconium pearls produced by Jiangsu Glide Special Ceramics Co., Ltd., can reduce the loss of equipment by 20-30% compared with other manufacturers. At the same time, by adjusting the grinding process such as filling capacity, flow rate and concentration, the wear of equipment can be reduced to Zui small.

Linear Speed of Grinding Machine

The linear velocity of the bead movement is different in different positions inside the cylinder of the grinder. The linear velocity Zui at the center of the axis is small and the linear velocity Zui at the wall of the cylinder is large. The linear velocity at any point between the two can be expressed by the following formula.

Linear velocity V = 2 pi_r (unit meters per second)

Pi-circumference_-rotational speed of grinder shaft (unit revolution/second) r-the straight line distance from the point in the cylinder to the center of the shaft, equivalent to the radius.

If there is a grinder whose speed is 1200 rpm, that is 20 rpm/s, and the diameter of the cylinder body is 30 cm, that is, the straight distance from any point on the cylinder wall to the center of the axis is 0.15 m, and the large linear speed of Zui is V=2*3.1416*20*0.15 m/s=18.85 m/s.

Loading capacity of grinder

The general filling capacity of grinding machine is 50%-70%, and the accumulative density of high purity zirconia beads ZY-80 zirconia beads is 1.5, 2.5, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 3.7 kg/liter, so it is easy to calculate how many zirconium beads are needed for different volume grinding machine. For a 50-liter sander, if the loading capacity is 50%, ZY-80 zirconia beads need 50*50%*3.2=80kg and high purity zirconia beads 50*50%*3.6=90kg. Of course, different zirconium beads are filled in different quantities. This data only shows the calculation method.

Grinding Barrel Material: Swedish imported wear-resistant alloy steel, and then through our own special heat treatment process, the barrel body has excellent wear resistance, reducing the pollution of materials during grinding. (Hardness HRC78 or above, guaranteed for two years).

Disperse Leaf Material: Imported wear-resistant alloy steel. Rockwell hardness up to HRC78, good wear resistance, reduce wear and material pollution. Special blade design greatly improves grinding efficiency.

Mechanical seals: German imported mechanical seals, seals resistant to solvent, to prevent leakage, and the use of materials compatible with the liquid as coolant, to avoid the production process due to the leakage of coolant caused by accidental losses.

With the wide application of new energy and new materials, it has become a trend for the future decentralized and grinding market to upgrade the industrial structure, improve product quality and process level in the field of material grinding. Leech has established its own modern laboratory, adhering to the spirit of providing customers with fine grinding and ultra-fine dispersion, and discussing the product processing process with customers, so as to provide your grinding production. The products provide perfect solutions and recommend suitable submicron grinding equipment.

Horizontal sander "strike"
To solve this problem, first of all, we need to check whether the power supply of the grinder is working normally, whether the fuse is fused, and whether the tension spring is broken. As long as the "disease" repair work will be very simple, it is nothing more than to switch on the power supply, replace the new fuse, replace the tension spring. If the machine suddenly does not work, then we should...more
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