0.3L Disc Test Machine

  • China 0.3L Disc Test Machine, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Wholesalers, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Brands
  • China 0.3L Disc Test Machine, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Wholesalers, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Brands
  • China 0.3L Disc Test Machine, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Wholesalers, 0.3L Disc Test Machine Brands
0.3L Disc Test Machine
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The advantages of selecting Naron nanoparticles are as follows:
1. Strong strength
Production equipment, complete process, to meet the quality requirements of the system. It is a professional manufacturer of coatings equipment, with strict scientific quality management and strong technical force.
2. Quality Assurance
In strict accordance with the regular production process (good quality = standardized production + strict quality management), products go through multiple processes, each process is strictly controlled.
3. Perfect after-sales service
Provide free professional technical consultation on the use of machinery, perfect after-sales service team, quickly help you solve problems, 24-hour professional hotline service.

The finishing method of removing a very thin surface layer from the workpiece by means of grinding tools and abrasives is called grinding. When grinding, after putting diamond or other abrasives in the middle of the workpiece and the compact disc, the workpiece surface will be broken by the extrusion of diamond. After the relative movement of the grinding disc and the workpiece, due to the irregularity of the abrasive and its rolling between the grinding disc and the workpiece surface, the fragments of the workpiece surface ruption and the fragments of the grinding are "pushed away" so that the workpiece surface becomes smooth and refined gradually. A dense plane. According to whether working fluid is used in grinding, it can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding. The wet grinding method has a large amount of processing, Yiyin is rough processing, wet grinding produces a pear skin-like dark surface. Dry grinding method has a small amount of processing, which is generally fine processing. In dry grinding, a bright mirror is obtained.

How to install the horizontal grinder? Before installing, we must have a certain understanding of the grinder. Horizontal grinder is a kind of horizontal grinder, which is a kind of high efficiency wet dispersion grinding equipment, and is a very common type of grinding equipment. The grinder is widely used in coatings, paints, ink, magnetic powder, ferrite, paper and cosmetics industries. What should it pay attention to when installing? Horizontal grinders are mainly divided into horizontal conical grinders and horizontal bar-pin grinders. When different horizontal grinders are installed, there should be a distance of more than 1 meter around them to facilitate operation, maintenance and introduction of water and electricity.

Material moves at high speed in horizontal grinder, material, grinding beads and barrel wall friction fiercely, material temperature rise is obvious. The material should be cooled in time, otherwise the viscosity of the material will increase, the foam will increase, and the material flow will be difficult. Seriously making production difficult to carry on. In production, it is advisable to control the material temperature below 25 C. In order to ensure grinding effect and maintain high output, the temperature of jacket coolant should be lower than 5 C and the material temperature should be controlled at no more than 35 C.

Because the production process of agricultural preparations is also the process of powder and particle preparation, it also needs a grinding machine, which can be used to mix various raw Yao and auxiliary materials, and then produce the required agricultural preparations after ultra-fine grinding. What problems need to be solved in this production process? Because the smaller and more uniform particle size, the lower the settling speed and the more stable the system is, it is necessary to have a grinder to complete the processing of raw materials, so as to obtain uniform and ultra-fine granular raw materials, which is helpful to improve the quality of products.

Le Chi Machinery Company is customer-oriented, based on the production of excellent products, supported by professional technical force, based on thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service, backed by solid processing strength. In line with the principle of "thinking what users think, pressing users'urgency"; maintaining the purpose of "quality-oriented, honesty as the faith"; adhering to the development trend of "scientific and technological innovation, keeping pace with the times", striving to create excellent mixing products. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to consult, negotiate and cooperate to create a better tomorrow!

We adhere to the customer concept of quality first and service first, and work spirit of continuous innovation and excellence. For different products, the company uses different materials to make suitable equipment (customer satisfaction as the purpose). Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to guide us. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the enterprises that care about and support our products. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you to create brilliant!

Horizontal sander "strike"
To solve this problem, first of all, we need to check whether the power supply of the grinder is working normally, whether the fuse is fused, and whether the tension spring is broken. As long as the "disease" repair work will be very simple, it is nothing more than to switch on the power supply, replace the new fuse, replace the tension spring. If the machine suddenly does not work, then we should...more
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