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  • 30L-200L Disc Sander

    Nano-grinding machine is the most widely adaptable, advanced and efficient grinding equipment for materials at present. The grinding chamber is the narrowest, the clearance of the pole is the smallest, and the grinding energy is the most intensive. With the combination of high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, continuous material processing can be realized, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved. Today let's look at how to control the grinding efficiency of the grinder in actual production. The selection of grinding and dispersing equipment is the premise of realizing high efficiency of grinding. There are two original prototypes of grinding machine: traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical agitating ball mill. Both grinding and dispersing equipment are widely used. But their structure and performance are different, so they are applied in different fields. Even in the same field, their grinding and dispersing effects are different. Therefore, only by understanding the respective characteristics of horizontal and vertical grinders, can we better choose the type of grinder. Generally speaking, the vertical grinding machine can choose the ordinary 0.1-2 mm grinding medium, the ordinary horizontal grinding machine can use 0.3-2 mm grinding medium, the dual-power centrifugal separation can use 0.03-1 mm grinding medium, the selection of suitable grinding beads often has twice the result with half the effort. The specific type of grinding machine matches the recommended grinding beads.

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  • Reactor

    The pump pumps the liquid-solid mixed raw material after pre-dilution and stirring into the cylinder body, and the main shaft drives the dispersing turbine to rotate at a high speed, and agitates the grinding medium (glass ball, porcelain ball, zirconia beads, alumina beads, etc.) in the cylinder body. It produces swirl and radial movement.

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  • Hybrid Frequency Conversion Explosion-proof Disperser

    In terms of production efficiency, horizontal grinder has its own unique advantages. It is more time-saving and energy-saving than ordinary grinder. The most important thing is that its production efficiency is very satisfying to customers. The machine uses its material pump to feed the material into the cylinder body, and before entering the cylinder body, the mixer must be pre-dispersed and wetted, and the material is mainly composed of solid and liquid materials. After the material is in the cylinder, the material and the grinding medium in the cylinder will rotate at high speed together because of the agitation of the disperser. This makes the solid in the material and some particles and the grinding medium have a very strong collision with each other, friction and shear between each other, which makes the material achieve the purpose of accelerating grinding, fine particles and dispersing aggregates. However, after grinding and dispersing, the grinding medium will be separated by a dynamic separator, so that the material can flow out of the discharge pipe. In this way, the grinding requirements and effects we need are achieved. Horizontal grinder is a very suitable for dispersing and grinding some high viscosity materials, and the particle size of materials to achieve very fine requirements.

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  • Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

    Horizontal sand grinder and vertical sand grinder are different. Horizontal sand grinder has larger sand loading capacity, higher grinding efficiency and relatively convenient removal and washing. At present, the proportion of closed horizontal sand grinder used in paint industry is gradually increasing. Basket grinder is a new type of grinder developed in recent years. It places the abrasive paint in the mixing barrel, grinds and disperses the basket with abrasive medium and agitation into the paint. The equipment is mainly suitable for small batch, multi-product operation, pre-mixing of paint, grinding and dispersing and coating in the same mixing tank. When using the sand mill to produce Yao preparations, some problems have to be avoided. For example, during the grinding process, the viscosity increases and the foam is excessive. After grinding, the viscosity of the system is large and the heat is stored and pasted. Before formulating effective preventive measures, we should first find the root cause of the problem. If the viscosity increases during grinding, it may be because the dispersant is not easy to deform, adsorb fastly and fall off from the surface of particles, which makes the original Yao have low melting point and high boiling point substances. In this case, wetting and dispersing additives can be used to improve the adsorption fastness, the thickness of the adsorption layer, the lubrication between particles and the content of yao. Horizontal grinder with good sealing, heat dissipation and high production capacity, has been favored by more and more users in the industry. 1. Primary startup (commissioning): After the equipment is installed, it should be debugged. The specific steps are as follows: 1) Adding solvent or lubricant which is soluble with material to mechanical seal chamber of horizontal grinder. 2) Check whether the circuit of the equipment is consistent with the electrical wiring diagram. 3) Open the water supply valve and observe whether the water consumption meets the requirements. 4) Open the air supply valve. 5) Add grinding media: Open one or two sand-filling mouth caps on the top of the front end of the grinding cylinder block and add the screened grinding media. The filling quantity, particle size and material quality can be determined by reference to the recommendation or the user's requirements for product quality. 6) Adjust the control range of the instrument. 7) Start the main engine and feed pump, clean the cylinder and pipeline with water or solvent, and then carry out the belt operation. Feed rate of feed pump should be determined according to product quality requirements and the number of grinding cycles set.

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