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    5L Vertical Nano-closed Sand Mill

    What is vertical bar nail grinder? Vertical bar nail grinder is a vertical wet continuous production of ultra-fine particles scatterer. The operation method is that the abrasive material and the abrasive medium are put into the stop abrasive cylinder with jacket, and the abrasive medium is given enough kinetic energy by the high-speed action of the agitating arm and the ripple blade. By means of the high-speed moving medium, the shear force and impact force are exerted on the material, and then the ripple and abrasive effect is obtained. High-efficiency vertical grinding machine is a continuous cycle high-performance grinding equipment, which mainly aims at the ultra-fine dispersion of high-performance nanoparticles. The grinding chamber of ring grinding machine is small in size and the energy distribution is convergent. Innovative design concepts cooperate with high-quality data components, which can use very small grinding media and axle-centered discharging system while achieving outstanding effects. Ultra-fine separation has been achieved, which avoids the blockage of materials. Ordinary grinding machine is more outstanding in production process and application.

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  • 6L Nano Rod Pin Sander

    Jinhe Mould Grinding Machine is simple in appearance, compact in structure and convenient in operation. It combines the advantages of all horizontal grinders, the finest grinding and the narrowest particle distribution. Sealing method: lip seal, single seal and double mechanical seal. Shaft seals are made of different materials in various styles. The solvents melting with the materials are used as mechanical seal coolant to eliminate the pollution of the materials. Pressure automatic protection device ensures pressure stability in grinding chamber. Full-range electrical automatic protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static V-type transmission belt, more secure. Suitable for mass production of machinery, continuous pumping, for a large number of single color products, more in line with economic benefits.

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  • 15L Nano Turbine Sander

    Le Chi Sand Mill is one of the world's leading wet grinding technology, all equipment are tailored to customer needs: including laboratory to industrial production and complete system engineering, our purpose: to improve product performance for users, improve production capacity, reduce production energy consumption, reduce production costs, work together with customers to enhance the international competitiveness of products!

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  • Nano Horizontal Sander

    The technical output of Germany is 3-5 times that of similar domestic models. Characteristic Nano-abrasive mill and circular grinding system are suitable for all fields, but also for all viscosities and almost all products. The minimum diameter of grinding beads can be used to reach 0.1 mm. The maximum output and nano-fineness range can be achieved quickly and successfully, and the minimum fineness can reach D97 < 100 mm. Technological superiority A shorter and larger diameter grinding chamber can reduce the flow inertia force. Separation System with Longer Diameter High flow guarantees efficient cycle operation mode High energy grinding system, high strength, high force Small-sized machines with the same rotational speed can reduce material loss during material change. Advantages of Large Flow Cyclic Grinding Simple process control Cyclic grinding process continues to meet quality requirements. Low material temperature can be controlled because the material temperature rise is lower than through type. Additionally, cooling and exchange systems can be installed on pipes and material tanks. One or more passes, with higher yields Additional raw materials/additives can be added in the grinding process. LC60L-LC200L Horizontal Sander Characteristic The built-in motor has low noise and adopts anti-static V-belt drive. Ultra-abrasion-resistant separating screen, suitable for grinding medium of 0.3-1.4 mm Applicable to coatings, inks, biological reagents, nanomaterials The movable device of the grinding chamber ensures easy, fast and time-saving maintenance. Turboaccelerator, high output, best energy efficiency Double mechanical seals as pressure impedance devices The control panel is integrally embedded on the machine rack, which is easy to operate. White products do not change grey

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  • 12L Laboratory Basket Sander

    Basket Mill Le Chi basket grinder is very suitable for cattle production of many batches and less batches of paint and color paste. The minimum fineness can reach 2um. Technological superiority Le Chi is different from other competitors'basket grinders. The whole grinding basket is rotating. Material is accelerated by the rotating basket in the direction of extension radius. It is inhaled from the top and bottom of the basket. After passing through the grinding area in the basket, it is thrown out by centrifugal force from the surrounding screen. The material ensures the best grinding process effect under the intense and large number of cycles.

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  • 60L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    The working principle of vertical grinding machine: the feed pump is installed in the body, the material is fed into the cylinder body from the bottom valve, and the rotating of the dispersing disc is driven by the dispersing axis to make the grinding ball move sharply. The material is impacted and sheared by the grinding medium by using strong stirring and increasing the shear force of the ball. Application of vertical sand grinder: wet sand grinding and dispersing equipment for building coatings, alkyd resins, dyes, printing ink, pesticides, coatings industrial coatings, rust-proof primers, road marking paints, paper-making, leather, cosmetics and other chemical industries. Vertical grinder features: simple operation, high continuous production efficiency, convenient color change, easy cleaning. According to the user's requirements, the inner cylinder and the dispersing disc of vertical grinder can be made into carbon steel, stainless steel, lined polyurethane and other materials for different materials, and the dispersing disc can also be made into engineering plastic materials.

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  • 30L-200L Disc Sander

    Nano-grinding machine is the most widely adaptable, advanced and efficient grinding equipment for materials at present. The grinding chamber is the narrowest, the clearance of the pole is the smallest, and the grinding energy is the most intensive. With the combination of high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, continuous material processing can be realized, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved. Today let's look at how to control the grinding efficiency of the grinder in actual production. The selection of grinding and dispersing equipment is the premise of realizing high efficiency of grinding. There are two original prototypes of grinding machine: traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical agitating ball mill. Both grinding and dispersing equipment are widely used. But their structure and performance are different, so they are applied in different fields. Even in the same field, their grinding and dispersing effects are different. Therefore, only by understanding the respective characteristics of horizontal and vertical grinders, can we better choose the type of grinder. Generally speaking, the vertical grinding machine can choose the ordinary 0.1-2 mm grinding medium, the ordinary horizontal grinding machine can use 0.3-2 mm grinding medium, the dual-power centrifugal separation can use 0.03-1 mm grinding medium, the selection of suitable grinding beads often has twice the result with half the effort. The specific type of grinding machine matches the recommended grinding beads.

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  • Paint And Coating Equipment

    Leech nano-abrasive mill uses rod pin + turbine grinding structure, which can continuously grind and disperse solid particles in the mixture, and make the grinding medium uniformly distributed in the grinding chamber. The main characteristic of grinding machine is to produce stable and reliable products safely and efficiently. Then it must be characterized by strict requirements and quality to be safe and stable. The characteristics of nano-grinding machine are high speed grinding, speed can be set, centrifugal separation system separates materials, materials are inhaled by diaphragm pump, sent to the grinding chamber through pipeline system, and discharged through the separation system after grinding. The flow rate of the diaphragm pump can be adjusted according to different fineness of the material, and the grinding time of the material in the grinding chamber can be determined. Finally, qualified products can be produced. In the grinding process, the material temperature is used to automatically control the grinding speed to ensure that the material quality is not affected by the excessive temperature change. Material temperature can be set by itself to adapt to the grinding of different materials and achieve a multi-purpose machine. Leech nano-abrasive grinder adopts high precision bearing and assembled double-end mechanical seal with wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and designs lubrication cooling monitoring and pressure balancing mechanism of the seal. In order to achieve better grinding effect, please select the appropriate grinding medium. With the gradual miniaturization and precision of electronic products, the requirements for battery material technology are becoming higher and higher. The battery industry is moving towards a turning point, and the requirements for battery material and equipment suppliers are also higher.

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  • Reactor

    The pump pumps the liquid-solid mixed raw material after pre-dilution and stirring into the cylinder body, and the main shaft drives the dispersing turbine to rotate at a high speed, and agitates the grinding medium (glass ball, porcelain ball, zirconia beads, alumina beads, etc.) in the cylinder body. It produces swirl and radial movement.

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