nano sand mill

  • 2L Vertical Nano-closed Sand Mill

    Simple process control Cyclic grinding process continues to meet quality requirements. Low material temperature can be controlled, because the material temperature rise is lower than through type. Additionally, cooling and exchange systems can be added to pipes and material tanks. One-time or more-time-pass, with higher output Additional raw materials/additives in the formulation can be added in the grinding process.

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    5L Vertical Nano-closed Sand Mill

    What is vertical bar nail grinder? Vertical bar nail grinder is a vertical wet continuous production of ultra-fine particles scatterer. The operation method is that the abrasive material and the abrasive medium are put into the stop abrasive cylinder with jacket, and the abrasive medium is given enough kinetic energy by the high-speed action of the agitating arm and the ripple blade. By means of the high-speed moving medium, the shear force and impact force are exerted on the material, and then the ripple and abrasive effect is obtained. High-efficiency vertical grinding machine is a continuous cycle high-performance grinding equipment, which mainly aims at the ultra-fine dispersion of high-performance nanoparticles. The grinding chamber of ring grinding machine is small in size and the energy distribution is convergent. Innovative design concepts cooperate with high-quality data components, which can use very small grinding media and axle-centered discharging system while achieving outstanding effects. Ultra-fine separation has been achieved, which avoids the blockage of materials. Ordinary grinding machine is more outstanding in production process and application.

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  • Double Cone Horizontal Sander

    Ceramic nano-grinding machine is a kind of all-ceramic non-polluting ultra-fine grinding equipment developed for nano-fineness. It uses advanced multi-group turbine dispersers, which can input kinetic energy in multi-channel to achieve very narrow and uniform distribution. The grinding fineness can quickly reach 1um-50nm. The contact material parts of horizontal grinding machine such as disperser and rotating shaft are selected according to user's requirements (zirconia ceramic, engineering polyurethane). Tungsten carbide, high wear resistant alloy steel, etc. Characteristics of MITR nano-grinder: Double end mechanical seal, front end turbofilter separator. The material of the whole grinding room is made of wear-resistant ceramics with high hardness, wear resistance and longer service life. Zero metal pollution, no conductivity, no magnetic conductivity, never color change, durable, long service life.

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  • 30L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    Nano-abrasive mill and circular grinding system are suitable for all fields, but also for all viscosities and almost all products. The minimum diameter of grinding beads can be used to reach 0.1 mm. The maximum output and nano-fineness range can be achieved quickly and successfully, and the minimum fineness can reach D97 < 100 nm.

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  • 15L Nano Turbine Sander

    Le Chi Sand Mill is one of the world's leading wet grinding technology, all equipment are tailored to customer needs: including laboratory to industrial production and complete system engineering, our purpose: to improve product performance for users, improve production capacity, reduce production energy consumption, reduce production costs, work together with customers to enhance the international competitiveness of products!

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  • 30L Nano Turbine Sander

    Horizontal sand grinder is used for mass production machinery, continuous pumping, for a large number of single-color products, more in line with economic benefits, automatic pressure protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static v-belt, more secure.

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  • 60L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    The working principle of vertical grinding machine: the feed pump is installed in the body, the material is fed into the cylinder body from the bottom valve, and the rotating of the dispersing disc is driven by the dispersing axis to make the grinding ball move sharply. The material is impacted and sheared by the grinding medium by using strong stirring and increasing the shear force of the ball. Application of vertical sand grinder: wet sand grinding and dispersing equipment for building coatings, alkyd resins, dyes, printing ink, pesticides, coatings industrial coatings, rust-proof primers, road marking paints, paper-making, leather, cosmetics and other chemical industries. Vertical grinder features: simple operation, high continuous production efficiency, convenient color change, easy cleaning. According to the user's requirements, the inner cylinder and the dispersing disc of vertical grinder can be made into carbon steel, stainless steel, lined polyurethane and other materials for different materials, and the dispersing disc can also be made into engineering plastic materials.

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  • 30L Nano Rod Pin Sander

    Horizontal grinder is a kind of ultra-fine particle disperser with horizontal continuous production. Its operation method is to use high-viscosity pumps such as diaphragm pump and gear pump to input pre-dispersed wetted solid-liquid mixture into the grinding tank of the main engine. The grinding tank is filled with appropriate grinding medium, and the grinding medium is given enough kinetic energy by rotating the dispersed blade at high speed. The impact of solid particles in bulk materials produces shear force, which produces more intense collision, friction and shear effects, so as to accelerate the friction of fine particles and disperse the aggregation. It is then separated by a special separator. Separate the dispersed material from the medium and discharge it from the outlet. It is suitable for fine grinding with medium and high viscosity particle size. Such as paint, fuel, pigments, cosmetics, pesticides, electronics, paper and other raw materials dispersion. As for blades, our equipment has a wide range of grinding material adaptability, according to different materials, we can select and match the material of parts in contact with the product. Such as adding hard steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, silicon carbide, PU materials, polyurethane, etc. We usually recommend different materials and models (disc/pin/cone) according to the performance of the customer's products, such as water/oil property, product viscosity, color requirement, final desired fineness, temperature sensitivity, color, etc. For water-based blades or polymer blades, solvent-based blades are recommended. Ceramics or CITIC's unique wear-resistant blades can be selected if absolute colorlessness or high purity are required. When choosing the size of the machine, it should be clear whether the customer produces the products every day/month/year (a few hours per day). The output of the customer refers to whether the color paste is ground (i.e. semi-finished products) or finished products.

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  • 30L Laboratory Basket Sander

    The discharge is smooth and never blocked, and there is no trouble in cleaning the discharge device. Finer particle size, uniform particle size and narrower distribution; Flow rate is controllable and temperature is easy to control. The grinding efficiency of centrifugal grinding structure is increased by more than 50% than that of traditional horizontal grinding machine.

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