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    5L Vertical Nano-closed Sand Mill

    What is vertical bar nail grinder? Vertical bar nail grinder is a vertical wet continuous production of ultra-fine particles scatterer. The operation method is that the abrasive material and the abrasive medium are put into the stop abrasive cylinder with jacket, and the abrasive medium is given enough kinetic energy by the high-speed action of the agitating arm and the ripple blade. By means of the high-speed moving medium, the shear force and impact force are exerted on the material, and then the ripple and abrasive effect is obtained. High-efficiency vertical grinding machine is a continuous cycle high-performance grinding equipment, which mainly aims at the ultra-fine dispersion of high-performance nanoparticles. The grinding chamber of ring grinding machine is small in size and the energy distribution is convergent. Innovative design concepts cooperate with high-quality data components, which can use very small grinding media and axle-centered discharging system while achieving outstanding effects. Ultra-fine separation has been achieved, which avoids the blockage of materials. Ordinary grinding machine is more outstanding in production process and application.

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  • 15L Nano Rod Pin Sander

    Dongguan Le Chi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduced advanced grinding technology from Germany, specializing in wet grinding equipment research and development, production of high-tech joint-stock limited company, focusing on the field of material grinding, fineness solutions. It has extensive and advanced production technology, representing international grinding technology. The trademark registered in China is Le Chi, which is protected by China Technical Bureau. It adopts German DIN industry and European EMC product standard design, and has also obtained ISO 9001 standard certification. Through the application of advanced hydromechanics and mechanochemistry, Leech designed the core technology of grinding components, and combined the grinding technology verified by scientific experiments with high-quality grinding equipment. It is aimed at improving the field of material wet grinding, high-energy ultra-fine dispersion and grinding technology. The existing wet bar pin horizontal grinder, wet disc horizontal grinder and wet blue are available. It is widely used in industrial coatings, ink, paint, food (chocolate, cocoa powder), medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals, ceramics, mineral processing, papermaking, cellulose, batteries, new materials and other fields. Grinding principle Horizontal grinder is a kind of ultra-fine particle disperser with horizontal continuous production. Its operation method is to use high-viscosity pumps such as diaphragm pump and gear pump to input pre-dispersed wetted solid-liquid mixture into the grinding tank of the main engine. The grinding tank is filled with appropriate grinding medium, and the grinding medium is given enough kinetic energy by rotating the dispersed blade at high speed. The impact of solid particles in bulk materials produces shear force, which produces more intense collision, friction and shear effects, so as to accelerate the friction of fine particles and disperse the aggregation. It is then separated by a special separator. Separate the dispersed material from the medium and discharge it from the outlet. It is suitable for fine grinding with medium and high viscosity particle size. Such as paint, fuel, pigments, cosmetics, pesticides, electronics, paper and other raw materials dispersion.

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  • 15L Nano Turbine Sander

    Le Chi Sand Mill is one of the world's leading wet grinding technology, all equipment are tailored to customer needs: including laboratory to industrial production and complete system engineering, our purpose: to improve product performance for users, improve production capacity, reduce production energy consumption, reduce production costs, work together with customers to enhance the international competitiveness of products!

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  • 30L Nano Turbine Sander

    Horizontal sand grinder is used for mass production machinery, continuous pumping, for a large number of single-color products, more in line with economic benefits, automatic pressure protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static v-belt, more secure.

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  • 30L-200L Disc Sander

    Nano-grinding machine is the most widely adaptable, advanced and efficient grinding equipment for materials at present. The grinding chamber is the narrowest, the clearance of the pole is the smallest, and the grinding energy is the most intensive. With the combination of high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, continuous material processing can be realized, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved. Today let's look at how to control the grinding efficiency of the grinder in actual production. The selection of grinding and dispersing equipment is the premise of realizing high efficiency of grinding. There are two original prototypes of grinding machine: traditional horizontal rolling ball mill and vertical agitating ball mill. Both grinding and dispersing equipment are widely used. But their structure and performance are different, so they are applied in different fields. Even in the same field, their grinding and dispersing effects are different. Therefore, only by understanding the respective characteristics of horizontal and vertical grinders, can we better choose the type of grinder. Generally speaking, the vertical grinding machine can choose the ordinary 0.1-2 mm grinding medium, the ordinary horizontal grinding machine can use 0.3-2 mm grinding medium, the dual-power centrifugal separation can use 0.03-1 mm grinding medium, the selection of suitable grinding beads often has twice the result with half the effort. The specific type of grinding machine matches the recommended grinding beads.

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  • Mixing Tank

    Mixing tanks can also be called water phase tanks, which are widely used in coatings, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. The equipment can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the process requirements of the user's products, as well as heating and cooling devices to meet different process and production needs. The heating form has jacket electric heating and coil heating. The structure of the equipment is reasonable in design, advanced in technology, durable in use, and has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient use. It is an ideal chemical equipment with low investment, fast production and high profit.

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  • Hybrid Frequency Conversion Explosion-proof Disperser

    In terms of production efficiency, horizontal grinder has its own unique advantages. It is more time-saving and energy-saving than ordinary grinder. The most important thing is that its production efficiency is very satisfying to customers. The machine uses its material pump to feed the material into the cylinder body, and before entering the cylinder body, the mixer must be pre-dispersed and wetted, and the material is mainly composed of solid and liquid materials. After the material is in the cylinder, the material and the grinding medium in the cylinder will rotate at high speed together because of the agitation of the disperser. This makes the solid in the material and some particles and the grinding medium have a very strong collision with each other, friction and shear between each other, which makes the material achieve the purpose of accelerating grinding, fine particles and dispersing aggregates. However, after grinding and dispersing, the grinding medium will be separated by a dynamic separator, so that the material can flow out of the discharge pipe. In this way, the grinding requirements and effects we need are achieved. Horizontal grinder is a very suitable for dispersing and grinding some high viscosity materials, and the particle size of materials to achieve very fine requirements.

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