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    1L Nano Experimental Sander

    Laboratory multi-functional self-priming circulating grinder is used for basic experiment research and development. A small grinding medium of 0.5mm can be used. The grinding cylinder can rotate, and it is convenient to add grinding media and cleaning equipment.

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  • High Speed Disperser

    In terms of production efficiency, horizontal grinder has its own unique advantages. It is more time-saving and energy-saving than ordinary grinder. The most important thing is that its production efficiency is very satisfying to customers. The machine uses its material pump to feed the material into the cylinder body, and before entering the cylinder body, the mixer must be pre-dispersed and wetted, and the material is mainly composed of solid and liquid materials. After the material is in the cylinder, the material and the grinding medium in the cylinder will rotate at high speed together because of the agitation of the disperser. This makes the solid in the material and some particles and the grinding medium have a very strong collision with each other, friction and shear between each other, which makes the material achieve the purpose of accelerating grinding, fine particles and dispersing aggregates. However, after grinding and dispersing, the grinding medium will be separated by a dynamic separator, so that the material can flow out of the discharge pipe. In this way, the grinding requirements and effects we need are achieved. Horizontal grinder is a very suitable for dispersing and grinding some high viscosity materials, and the particle size of materials to achieve very fine requirements.

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