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  • Paint And Coating Equipment

    Paint And Coating Equipment

    Leech nano-abrasive mill uses rod pin + turbine grinding structure, which can continuously grind and disperse solid particles in the mixture, and make the grinding medium uniformly distributed in the grinding chamber. The main characteristic of grinding machine is to produce stable and reliable products safely and efficiently. Then it must be characterized by strict requirements and quality to be safe and stable.
    The characteristics of nano-grinding machine are high speed grinding, speed can be set, centrifugal separation system separates materials, materials are inhaled by diaphragm pump, sent to the grinding chamber through pipeline system, and discharged through the separation system after grinding. The flow rate of the diaphragm pump can be adjusted according to different fineness of the material, and the grinding time of the material in the grinding chamber can be determined. Finally, qualified products can be produced. In the grinding process, the material temperature is used to automatically control the grinding speed to ensure that the material quality is not affected by the excessive temperature change. Material temperature can be set by itself to adapt to the grinding of different materials and achieve a multi-purpose machine.
    Leech nano-abrasive grinder adopts high precision bearing and assembled double-end mechanical seal with wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and designs lubrication cooling monitoring and pressure balancing mechanism of the seal. In order to achieve better grinding effect, please select the appropriate grinding medium.
    With the gradual miniaturization and precision of electronic products, the requirements for battery material technology are becoming higher and higher. The battery industry is moving towards a turning point, and the requirements for battery material and equipment suppliers are also higher.

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  • Integrated Equipment

    Integrated Equipment

    Nanorod pin grinder (D97 100 nanometer)
    Le Chi nanorod pin grinding machine, cycle grinding system is applicable to all fields, but also to all viscosities and almost all products. The minimum diameter of grinding beads can be used to reach 0.1 mm, and the maximum output and nano-fineness range can be achieved successfully and quickly. The minimum fineness can reach D97 < 100 mm.
    Technical Advantages and Advantages of Large Flow Cyclic Grinding
    A shorter and larger diameter grinding chamber can reduce the flow inertia force.
    Separation System with Longer Diameter
    High Flow Guarantee High Efficiency Cyclic Operation Mode
    Coolable grinding shaft
    High energy grinding system, high strength, high effect
    Small-sized machines with the same rotational speed can reduce material loss during material exchange.
    Simple process control
    Cyclic grinding process continues to meet quality requirements
    Low material temperature can be controlled because the material temperature is raised and the passing mode is low.
    Additionally, cooling conversion systems can be applied to pipes and material tanks.
    One or more passable modes have higher yields.
    External raw materials/additives can be added in the grinding process.

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  • Bead Mill Machine

    Bead Mill Machine

    Jinhe Mould Grinding Machine is simple in appearance, compact in structure and convenient in operation.
    It combines the advantages of all horizontal grinders, the finest grinding and the narrowest particle distribution.
    Sealing method: lip seal, single seal and double mechanical seal. Shaft seals are made of different materials in various styles. The solvents melting with the materials are used as mechanical seal coolant to eliminate the pollution of the materials.
    Pressure automatic protection device ensures pressure stability in grinding chamber. Full-range electrical automatic protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static V-type transmission belt, more secure. Suitable for mass production of machinery, continuous pumping, for a large number of single color products, more in line with economic benefits.

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