Efficient Large Flow Sander

  • 30L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    30L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    Nano-abrasive mill and circular grinding system are suitable for all fields, but also for all viscosities and almost all products. The minimum diameter of grinding beads can be used to reach 0.1 mm. The maximum output and nano-fineness range can be achieved quickly and successfully, and the minimum fineness can reach D97 < 100 nm.

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  • 60L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    60L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    The working principle of vertical grinding machine: the feed pump is installed in the body, the material is fed into the cylinder body from the bottom valve, and the rotating of the dispersing disc is driven by the dispersing axis to make the grinding ball move sharply. The material is impacted and sheared by the grinding medium by using strong stirring and increasing the shear force of the ball. Application of vertical sand grinder: wet sand grinding and dispersing equipment for building coatings, alkyd resins, dyes, printing ink, pesticides, coatings industrial coatings, rust-proof primers, road marking paints, paper-making, leather, cosmetics and other chemical industries. Vertical grinder features: simple operation, high continuous production efficiency, convenient color change, easy cleaning. According to the user's requirements, the inner cylinder and the dispersing disc of vertical grinder can be made into carbon steel, stainless steel, lined polyurethane and other materials for different materials, and the dispersing disc can also be made into engineering plastic materials.

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  • 90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    90L-200L High Efficiency Horizontal Sander

    Le Chi's Uniqueness
    Converting the traditional vertical barrel type horizontal grinder to conical barrel type grinder, the reflective track of beads inside the grinding barrel is changed, the reciprocating motion ability of grinding beads and the friction and impact ability between beads are strengthened, thus the efficiency of the vertical barrel type grinder is increased by nearly 30%.
    Horizontal grinder, which used to be cooled by sand barrel, was strengthened to four-position cooling of grinding barrel (stator), dispersing disc (rotor), front plate and separator, which strengthened the dispersive potential area of grinding machine and effectively improved the cooling and heat dissipation capacity of the machine. The material temperature during grinding could be effectively controlled below 50 C. If used together with water cooler, the grinding heat sensitivity would be improved. When the sensory material is used, the cooling effect is more remarkable.
    With the programmed control function of PLC, the working time and requirements of the machine can be monitored in real time in advance, and the site can be instantly understood and controlled in the office by connecting the Ethernet and office computer. The improved rocker arm design enables a person to easily dismantle the machine. When cleaning and repairing the inside of the machine, it is safer and more convenient.
    Self-developed double mechanical seals can be cooled by solvents that are compatible with materials (traditional mechanical seals usually need oil to cool), avoiding oil leaking into materials due to natural wear after long-term use of mechanical seals, and causing unnecessary economic losses to users.
    Grinding operation
    Start the pump and input material to the grinding machine until the material is out of the grinding machine outlet (the pump motor and the main engine are interlocking control, the main engine must be started within 20 seconds, otherwise the pump will stop by itself, and the pump can be started several times, using the grinding chamber to fill the material to prevent the machine from dry grinding).

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  • Stainless Steel Sander

    Stainless Steel Sander

    Jin type sander, the machine is simple in appearance, compact in structure and easy to operate.
     Combines the advantages of all horizontal sanders, the finest grinding, the narrowest particle distribution.
     Sealing method: lip seal, single machine seal, double mechanical seal, shaft seal has many styles made of different materials. The solvent is blended with the material to mechanically seal the coolant, which eliminates the contamination of the material.
     Automatic pressure protection device ensures stable pressure in the grinding chamber. All-round electrical automatic protection, explosion-proof motor and anti-static V-type transmission belt are more secure.
     Suitable for mass production of machinery, continuous pump delivery, for large quantities of single color products, more economical.

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