• 1.Horizontal sander "strike"

    To solve this problem, first of all, we need to check whether the power supply of the grinder is working normally, whether the fuse is fused, and whether the tension spring is broken. As long as the "disease" repair work will be very simple, it is nothing more than to switch on the power supply, replace the new fuse, replace the tension spring. If the machine suddenly does not work, then we should check to see if the discharging outlet is blocked by gambling, causing full chamber blocking; the rotating triangular belt is too loose, causing the belt to slip; the voltage is too low, the main engine is unable to break when it encounters large material; and the bearing is damaged. The methods of troubleshooting are clearing the blockage at the discharge port to ensure smooth discharge, tightening and replacing the triangular belt, adjusting the voltage of the working site to meet the demand of the main engine's working voltage, and replacing the bearings.

  • 2.Main machine vibration of horizontal sander

    In order to solve this problem, we should first consider whether there are too few grinding media, whether the triangle belt is too tight, and whether there is excessive wear and tear on the dispersing disc and balance wheel. To deal with this kind of fault repair method: increase a certain amount of grinding media, tighten the triangle belt, replace the dispersing disk.

  • 3.Why yttrium stabilized zirconia is chosen as grinding medium in nano-grinding machine

    There are many kinds of grinding media. Yttrium stabilized pure zirconia has the characteristics of high hardness (HRC95), high density (5.89g/cubic centimeter), high surface stability and so on. It is the medium used in most wet grinding grinders at present because of its strong stability, no pollution to materials, high hardness and high density.

  • 4.Why choose wet nano sand mill as grinding and dispersing equipment

    At present, due to design limitations, the particle size of existing dry grinders can only reach several microns. In addition, in the grinding process, the temperature caused by a series of actions, such as speed regulation, rotation, friction, shearing, will continue to increase; generally speaking, if you want to obtain nano-scale materials of micron or below micron level, you have to use a wet nano-grinder. The principle is to turn grinding material into raw slurry. By shearing, impacting and extruding the grinding medium, the grinding powder is gradually nanosized. Wet grinding has many advantages, such as high safety and high efficiency of obtaining sub-micron or nano-scale abrasive slurry.

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